What is the exact and most number of days I can remain in Saudi Arabia?
On most business visas, a visitor can remain for 30 successive days and for family visit visas (travel visas) it is 90 days. There are dependably exemptions according to your Letter of Invitation which also comprises all the information about number of days you can stay on Saudi Visa.

Would i be able to get a visa on landing for Saudi Arabia?
For UK nationals, there is no visa on landing issued for passage into Saudi Arabia. A visa must be acquired from the Embassy in London and stamped inside your identification.

Would i be able to give a photocopy of my identification while applying for my Saudi Arabia visa?
No, A photocopy of your Passport ID won’t get the job done as the Saudi visas are stamped inside on a page of your international ID which is checked by the immigration authorities upon your entry in Saudi Arabia.

Do I have to give my original passport while applying for a Saudi Arabia visa?
Indeed, your original passport document will be required as the visa will be stamped with it. The Saudi visa stamped with your passport ID will be checked by immigration authorities upon your entry in Saudi Arabia.

Would i be able to acquire a Saudi Arabian visa from the UK If don’t hold a UK travel permit?
Certainly, you can obtain your Visa from the UK, if you can prove that you are a UK inhabitant and you work for a UK organization, you can acquire a visa from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Embassy located in London.

Can I get a Tourist or travel Visa to Saudi Arabia?
Indeed, in addition to business visas, there are also travel visas for Saudi Arabia, however candidates can apply for individual visit visa for which you will need a Letter of welcome from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

How fast can I can get my Saudi Arabia visa in?
You can acquire your visa as quick as 3-5 working days utilizing one of our expeditious visa services. We for the most part encourage you to email us before sending the documents to us with an output of all your data. This will enable us to pre-check the data so we can submit straightforwardly to the government office with no issue.

What is my maximum permitted time in Saudi Arabia when I have my visa acquired?
For British and EU international ID holders, there are two fundamental sorts of visas that can be acquired. These incorporate a 6 months various passage visa and a 3 months single section visa. It would be ideal if you take note of that whatever the number of passenger, no one stay can be longer than 30 days. The Arabic Saudi welcome expresses the sort of visa (half year multi or 3 months single) and this will be issued. On the off chance that you as of now have the welcome with you and don’t know the quantity of sections, at that point you can email this to us and we can give an Arabic interpretation and should then educate you of the number of passengers.

Do I need to mention my religion on the application form?
Yes, it is mandatory to state your religion on application form, if you don’t wish to uncover additional data on your religion, non-Muslim religion would get the job done. But in other scenario, if you are not born muslin, or converted into Islam later, you need to provide a religion conversion certificate to the authorities.
Could an under aged youngster can get a family visit visa and go to Saudi Arabia?
Indeed, yet a letter of parental consentsigned by a solicitor must be given. The letter must be signed by the two guardians and the solicitor.

I am very confused, what kind of visa should I apply for?
Your letter of Invitation expresses the type of visa you are applying for. The Embassy will act and do further proceed according to your Letter of invitation and provide you that type of visa. The visa type you are applying for, must clearly indicate your job title and reason to travel Saudi Arabia. However, the principle sorts of visas are business visas, family visit visas and government visas. So, if you have any plans regarding that you are aiming to work is Saudi, at that point you should get a business visa.

I have heard that flight bookings are necessary for my Saudi Arabia visa application, is it true?
No, the Embassy firmly encourages not to book any flights before acquiring the visa. In the event that you do need to book flights, while there are very minimal chances of visa rejection, we generally encourage our clients to book the flexible flights.

Do I need to have an invitation from Saudi Arabia?
Yes, all the visitors are required to have an invitation from Saudi. This is the duty of the organization in Saudi to acquire, therefore a formal must be made to them to get this. For an example, that it is a general business trip, at that point a Saudi Arabia chamber of commerce invitation must be needed. Apart from that, if the application is for a work visa, travel visa, at that point an invitation from the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs must be acquired.

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