Condition Apply: Saudi Arabia New Visa Policy Grants Visa to Non-Muslims!!

It is a good news for Non-Muslims, Saudi Arabia is now facilitating tourist visa which enables them pompously visit the Arab sovereign. Whole credit goes to Prince Mohammad Bin Salman makes Arabia penchant to more tourist & enhance new development.

Saudi Arabia is one of the conspicuous historic significance for Muslims concluding to its religious sites like Mecca & Madinah thus every years several pilgrims come here to do Haj. Government of Saudi Kingdom can consider all these things in mind they will boost tourist attraction by facilitating tourist visa to non-Muslim tourist & it is since first time which can only be happening for tourism purpose purely.

****Necessary Condition

There is one condition imposed on Non-Muslim tourist that they are not allowed to enter any of sacred Muslim sites of Mecca & Madinah. That is only condition imposed till now.

Chucks for tourist Visa

  1. The tourist visa must be verified by the Saudi Commission for National and Tourism Heritage.
  2. Interested persons must make their bookings by a registered tour operator (you can also take help our agency too) & visa is only be granted if minimum 4 applicants of tourist visa are available.
  3. If you are women age below 25 years, then a partner is compulsory during your visit to Saudi Arabia. This is a single qualification to fulfill for women travelers who want to apply Saudi Arabia for tourist visa.
  4. It is a mandatory for women travelers to completely cover their head while wandering various places inside the Saudi Arabia. It is one of essential conservative law of the country.

Planning a Vacation for Saudi!!! Take your tourist experts along with you.

Explore Saudi.

So, however if you are going to plan a family visit or you want to visit to your relatives staying in Saudi Arabia than you might have required some documents and the most crucial document you require is Invitation of Minister of foreign official.

Once this invitation has been approved that it may be faxed to Saudi, embassy UK. Saudi Arabia visa services will give a license to plot a visit of short terms such as events, training, discussions and business meetings. You are able to access either six month multiple entry of Saudi Visa or three months Saudi Visa single entry.

Our agency is completely UK based consists with more knowledgeable and reliable professionals who empower this whole system. Here, you will get everything you have necessary or require to manage are available at a single place. You may fast forward your Visa application to Saudi Arabia. . As we often heard that legal procedures are often cumbersome, you know that your case in hand of government official we ensure you that there is no such trap of hidden legacies you have to face during granting your Immigration services.

We serve our clients with professionalism, and integrity thus permit our customers to feel experience these standard values at every interaction, even if you are not currently residing in the UK.

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