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If you are UK citizen planning for Saudi Arabia excursion then it is quite essential to check terms of Saudi visa UK before traveling. In our entire post we cover entry requirements for UK immigrants and every precise detail must know every UK citizen before going to Saudi Arabia. Noteworthy, Saudi travel visa only permit for entry into the nation by air even if it prevents immigrants from arriving across a land border.

Saudi Arabia is ignominious though it is misunderstood furthermore you may find no more country is worthy as Saudi province does. Its sundry culture is enriched with throbbing historical sites and heritage. As considers as the birthplace of the prophet in Islam its home for two holiest sites. Every year’s millions of people visit grand mosque Mecca Madinah. This holy figure is the embodiment of integrity among Saudi peoples. Flinging sand dunes creates a momentous effect unlike anywhere in the world it’s a beautiful expanse of surging sands. If you are novice visiting Saudi first time or with the purpose of family visit or business meeting then you may have a proper work visa.

Visa Entry requirements for UK immigrants

The information we convey purely for UK citizens. The authorities in particular territory or country are merely responsible for enforcing and setting rules for entry. All visitors including Hajj pilgrims hold a visa to enter in Saudi Arabia. UK residents in Saudi Arabia require a valid re-entry permit and valid exit permit. All immigrants requisite to have a call or invitation from Saudi. Although if it is a general business meeting then you will receive an invitation from Saudi chamber of commerce. Moreover, if the application is for a visitor visa, work visa, or either female is applicant than in such situation you may procure visa Saudi Ministry of foreign affairs. You may get a visa in 3 working days via express services.

Your invitation letter states which types of visa you are applying. As per your letter of invitation embassy will act and grant you that type of visa. Though you intended to work is Saudi then you may possess a government employment visa. Things you may carry on along with you.

  • UK immigrants may obtain their visa from London Embassy and stamp at the passport. This stamped passport may be accessible to the immigration official during the time of entry.
  • Photocopy of the passport which you can apply on your behalf, call letter of the company if there is a business or working trip.
  • 35 by 45 mm size color photograph taken against a white background with a full frontal view of the face, without spectacles.
  • While completing the visa registration policy while you may submit medical insurance policy to Saudi embassy on your behalf.

Passport Validity

For EU and British immigrants or passport holders, there are 2 main types of visa is procured.

  • Six-month multiple entry visa.
  • Three-month single entry visa

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