Are you getting ready to take an expedition to Saudi Arab? Saudi is a desert nation encompassing with Persian Gulf coastlines, red sea and Arabia peninsula.

Saudi Arabia is known as a land of the mosque. It is a big attraction among Muslim peoples for sacred mosques and destination of Hajj pilgrimage and pious Mecca Madinah.

The Saudi Arab people had known in the world for their traditions– their hospitality, customs, and even their sense of dressing styles – which are adopted by them according to the modern world. Are you searching a genuine and reliable registered company to further process your Saudi Arabia Visa Application services? Then, our agency delivers all kind of Saudi Visa services online at cheap fares. Don’t bother, if you have to go to Saudi Arabia for business and tourist purposes then we will provide all categories of Visas.


Do you know Saudi Arabia doesn’t offer tourist visa to visitors, visa issued to that person who has a sponsorship with the country? Tourist Visas granted only limited groups, on a basis of selection, all visitors requisite to have a valid passport having 6 months validity besides with appropriate return ticket & visa with all essential documents. One thing you know about Saudi is that if any person behaving indecently then accordingly law and tradition of Saudi Arabia his entry is permanently denied. Strict rules for women entering Saudi If you are women, want to travel Saudi with valid Visa & passport, you must know one thing, there are very strict rules and regulations for women entering in their kingdom. Women must be met by a male relative or sponsor in order to confirm her accommodation for the spell of their stay. But interestingly a fact becomes headlines for Saudi Women’s right, Saudi Arab abolished ban from driving on women.

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Saudi Arabia business visas issued specifically to visitors have valid sponsorship, acknowledged Saudi for business. A sponsorship proof must be produced in form of the invitation letter, approved by the ministry of foreign affairs and chamber of commerce. So if you belong to the class of investors, businessman, representatives of US, sales manager, manager, sales representative, accountants, administrative manager, consultants, production manager and other visitors travelling on basis of business. Specific country Requirements All visitors are permitted to take entry in Saudi Arab except for few countries like: Some nations like United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar.

  • Transit visitors expedite within 18 hours hold a valid and return documentation thus make no further landing or return to the airport in Saudi Arabia (except countries of Niger, Mali, Faso, Nigeria, Burkina who always need a transit visa).
  • Holders of “landing permits and “reentry permits” issued by the ministry of Saudi Arabia foreign

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