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Application Process!

The Saudi Visa Application procedure is quite simple but can turn into a intricate process if one doesn’t keep in mind certain crucial points or don’t have clear picture of what they actually need.

Below we have mentioned simple and easy to follow steps which will help you to apply accurately for Saudi Arabia Visa Application.

Saudi Visa Application Process –


First and foremost step is to procure an invitation either from Saudi Arabia ministry of foreign affairs or from Saudi Arabia chamber of commerce.

The original sponsor letter from the company in Saudi Arabia who is sponsoring the applicant and which must be certified from one of ministry of foreign affairs or from Saudi chamber of commerce. The letter must specify the designation, name of person, date and visa number as it helps the agency to finish all the requirements of visa expeditiously.


Compile and Submit All other relevant documents to Saudi Arabia Visa Expert agency. Document must encloses –

  • Passport (With atleast six months validity and 2 blank pages with your signature, also make sure there is no visa stamp of Israel, if it is present, Saudi will not grant the visa).
  • Photographs ( 2 passport size photos).
  • Our Application Form ( Make sure that form must be filled out in block capitals with not a slight sign of any ink on paper. It is mandatory to mention your E-mail address in application form).
  • Declaration Form.
  • Medical reports (atleast 3 copies) – Your medical report must be issued by some certified Physician which states the applicant is totally free from any kind of communicable diseases. Also the medical report should be used with in 3 week of issuance and medical tests conducted by authorized laboratory.
  • Police report with detailed information of applicant criminal record, if they have any.
  • UK Support Letter – In order to apply for a Saudi Arabia visa, it is imperative to have an support letter from UK that has been attested by chamber of commerce.
  • Invitation Letter – An invitation letter from recruitment company of your employer in Saudi Arabia. It is quite essential that they must register your invitation with Saudi Arabia Foreign ministry and provide a print out in Arabic for conformation.


Saudi Arabia Visa Expert services request their customers to send the scanned copies of all the relevant documents for cross checking and make sure that all the documents are correct and authentic with needed information.


We suggest our clients to send documents either by courier or though special delivery services to our address in UK.


We will send your passport with Saudi Visa inside by special delivery guaranteed service.

Note – It would be ideal if you take note of that we are not the embassy or an official government site, however our Saudi Arabia visa expert services, act as an organization guaranteeing that all the payments are made to the Saudi embassy, and all the submission process and application procedure is done on your behalf. You also have the option to apply directly to the Saudi Arabia embassy but lack of experience consultant will make your process troublesome.